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Parish Diary 2012/2013

 December 2013


The Jesse Tree

Representation of a tree decorated with symbols which mark the journey from the creation of the world to the birth of Christ.

A vehicle to help us enter into the spirit of Advent. The children joined in children's liturgy during the season of Advent, making and decorating the symbols before hanging them on the Jesse Tree.


A Christmas message from Fr. Pat Madden.

This year – my third here at Christ the King – has been a particularly busy one and full of immense activity.

So much has happened throughout the year, with the church floor renovation project, First Communion and Confirmation celebrations, and many other events. This includes welcoming Fr. George Ngwa from the Diocese of Bamenda in Cameroon, western Africa. Fr. George will be resident in the parish until next summer, and I am sure that he will be very happy here.

This is a great parish in which to be a priest, and I am deeply grateful for the wonderful generosity, kindness and support of our parishioners throughout the year. This is what makes our community such a welcoming one and it is hugely rewarding to be part of it.

As my thoughts turn to Christmas, I am reminded how much this holy season tells us about the heart of God and reveals to us the capabilities of the human heart. In embracing our humanity, Jesus gave witness to how a child of God should live. As we open our hearts to God and to one another, we will experience something of the great joy the angels brought to the shepherds when they announced the birth of Jesus. This type of joy doesn’t depend upon our personal circumstances but can only come from God and the knowledge that Christ was born to redeem us all.

I wish the peace and Christmas joy of the Saviour’s birth to all the great parishioners of Christ The King parish and to everyone who visits this website.

Fr. Pat Madden
Parish Priest


60's Plus Club Christmas Lunch with Carols!  

Recently a lovely Christmas lunch was enjoyed by the parish 60's Plus Club. As a special treat, the Christ the King Primary school Juniors entertaining the Club members with their angelic voices when they sang Christmas Carols. Members of the club would like to thank the school staff and the children for coming along to sing for them!

The 60's Plus Club wish you al a very happy and Blessed Christmas and a Happy 2014!


Our Schools Nativity Play

The Nativity Plays have been wonderful. Great singing and we could hear every word. We thank you all for coming to the Nativities in the Church and your support is very much appreciated by all the staff and the children.


November 2013


Presentation of the Guild of St Stephen's Medals

The Altar servers were presented with bronze medals for one year of  loyal and faithful service  by Father Patrick Madden in November 2013.

The Altar server assisting Father Pat has already gained her silver medal and there are a few working towards their silver.

Click here for more about the Guild of St Stephen


We Celebrate and Give Thanks for our new church floor  

After considerable disruption and temporarily moving the celebration of Holy Mass to the hall, we now have a beautiful refurbished, 'new' floor.

Thanks goes out to all those involved and to the parish community for their forbearance.


October 2013


C.T.K. 60’s Plus Club 23rd Anniversary

On Saturday 19th October the C.T.K. 60’s Plus Club celebrated our 23rd Anniversary. We had a lovely evening with good food and entertainment.


September 2013


Holiday Experience

Lucy [Lucrezia] Linardi, a parishioner from our community has kindly offered to share her experience of this summer.

You can offer yours too. Email the parish webmaster at

I come from Rossano  Italy where the 15th August is a particularly important feast day. We celebrate and honour our Lady of the Achiropita by processing all around the Byzantine town centre of Rossano. Four strong men carry the statue of our Lady of the Achiropita, as the priest says the mass. The mass ends when we arrive at the Byzantine Cathedral of Rossano.

At this point there is a massive applause and a traditional band celebrates with jolly music, as our Lady enters the Cathedral and is repositioned at the front. This tradition has been taking place for more than 100 years and I am very lucky to be part of it every year when I go back home for my Holidays. 


Church Restoration by Fr. Pat

 For some time now, I have been visualising what our church will look like with a new floor.

The initial idea to restore the church’s original woodblock flooring goes back some months but before work could begin we had to secure financing from the diocesan Living Our Faith fund. There were other issues to be resolved, too, but finally, in early September, this much-anticipated project was underway.

The work involved taking up the old carpeting (which was laid on top of the woodblock flooring around 30 years ago) removing the adhesive that held it to the floor, inspecting the woodblock flooring underneath and making any necessary repairs to it. The finishing touch is to sand the woodblock tiles and buff to a high shine.

Carrying out this work involved closing the church and moving our worship to the hall at the weekends and the presbytery during the week.

Now, after several months of planning, detailed discussions and long meetings, this project is coming to an end and I am delighted with the result. The church is looking great! You can see photographs taken at key stages of the restoration by logging on to Look out for further photos soon on this website of the complete restoration.

I am saying a Mass in thanksgiving on Friday, October 4 at 7.30pm, which will be followed by a cheese and wine social. I do hope you will join me in giving thanks to God for the successful conclusion of this project.

Please make a note in your diary of the date of our thanksgiving Mass, and consider inviting your friends and neighbours. We have a beautiful church in which to worship, so let’s show it off to the whole community!

Fr. Pat


Feast of Our Lady of Vailakanni

On Saturday 14th September as we celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of Vailakanni with our Goan Community. Also joined by  Mr. Alok Sharma member of parliament for Reading West with the Goan Community Committee.

For more about Our Lady of Vailankanni click here


July 2013

Farewell to our Year 6 Children

The annual leavers’ Mass was once again an emotional occasion this summer as our parish school said farewell to the children of Year 6 who will be moving on to Secondary School in September. Some of the children acted out the final scene from St. Matthew’s Gospel when Jesus commanded his friends to go out into the World and to tell everyone the Good News. Then Father Pat shared some of his jokes, the children shared some of their favourite memories of the previous seven years, and we all shared in the celebration of the Eucharist.

We mark many of the key points in our lives by coming to church to ask for God’s blessing and the prayers of our community, and we ask everyone to pray for our young people at this important stage in their journey.

June 2013

CELEBRATE with the HOLMES Family

Isabella Grace Holmes is the daughter of proud parents, Peter and Lucrezia who have both been living in Reading for 8 years. Peter is originally from Oxfordshire and is a Building Services Engineer. Lucrezia was born in the North-East of England, but was raised mainly in southern Italy.

Peter and Lucrezia  say we are very blessed to have Isabella in our lives and we are delighted she was baptised into the catholic faith at Christ the King on the 16th June 2012.


1st Holy Communion Mass

The 1st Holy Communion Mass took place on Sunday 2nd June at 1.00pm. There were 28 children and their families.

The Children and their families were offered refreshments after the Mass and the celebrations continued the following Sunday after the thanksgiving mass on the 9th June 2013.

After the Thanksgiving mass the children enjoyed a party, the food was provided by the parents of the Holy Communion  children, some parishioners also joined in the celebrations.

On behalf  of the parish Angela Camilleri would like to thank Father Pat and all of the Catechists for their dedication and commitment throughout the programme.


May 2013



On Sunday 19th May 2013 Jamie, Alfie Hopkins was baptised by Father Pat Madden in our church of Christ The King. Through his baptism the church, and we all, welcome Alfie to the Catholic Church. Let us pray for Alfie and his family that they all will be blessed.


First Holy Communion Funday

The first Holy Communion children spent the afternoon at St John’s convent at Kiln Green.

They took part in a variety of activities which are to help them gain a better understanding of reconciliation (confession) and what it means to them.

Please pray for these children as they continue their journey through to their First Holy Communion day, where they will receive Christ for the first time. The one, who out of love became the redeemer of Man.

April 2013

Happy 98th Birthday Mrs Barbara Hummell!

Parishioners gathered to congratulate and celebrate the 98th  birthday of Mrs Barbara Hummell on 20th April!

You will recognise the surname because Barbara is the Mother of Sister Vicky Hummell

Here you can see Father Pat and Sister Vicky joining in the birthday celebrations

Saint George’s Day


C.T.K The 60’s Plus Club in conjunction with C.T.K Primary School celebrated Saint George’s day with a traditional lunch of fish & chips some wine and dessert. The Children once again did us proud, they served the food with a big smile on their faces – WELL DONE CHILDREN! Then to top it off the adults played bingo!

The 60+ club I would like to thank Mrs Jenny Clark from C.T.K. Primary School for her help in this.


Our Church celebration at Easter

After the joys, mysteries and trauma of Holy Week and the Triduum, our Catholic community of Christ the King church showed that we truly are the ‘Easter People’ this year!

Staring with the Easter Vigil , creation of the new fire and so the new light of the risen Lord, the Pascal Candle brings the new light to the blessing of the new Holy Water.


WELCOMING NEW MEMBERS to our FAITH and CHURCH and COMMUNITY. And as is traditional after the long period of austere Lent, the church was decorated in celebration of the risen Lord.


Decorating our church in celebration of the risen Lord!

HE IS RISEN! Alleluia!


Easter Message from Fr. Pat

Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday tells a different part of the story of Jesus’ saving action. From his humility of the washing of the feet and the institution of the Eucharist on Maundy Thursday, the suffering and death of Christ on Good Friday, Christ “the Light of the World” which is the victory of light over darkness which we celebrate on Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. May we continue to be ambassadors for Christ and may our parish community of Christ The King bring the joy and hope of the Resurrected Christ to a world crying our for God. Fr. Pat would like to wish all parishioners a very blessed and joyful Easter. Thank you for your immense kindness and prayers. Christ The King is a wonderful  parish community and Fr. Pat is full of gratitude to be a priest for such marvellous and faithful parishioners.

Christ “the Light of the World” which is the victory of light over darkness which we celebrate on Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. May we continue to be ambassadors for Christ and may our parish community of Christ The King bring the joy and hope of the Resurrected Christ to a world crying our for God. Fr. Pat would like to wish all parishioners a very blessed and joyful Easter. Thank you for your immense kindness and prayers. Christ The King is a wonderful  parish community and Fr. Pat is full of gratitude to be a priest for such marvellous and faithful parishioners.


March 2013


The Parish prepares for the Easter Vigil


Our parish gather outside the church in the dark. This is because the Easter Vigil begins with darkness.  The darkness itself is the first movement of the liturgy, so we begin our preparations with that darkness.  It represents all darkness, and all the meanings of darkness - devoid of light; evil thoughts, motivations, deeds; all that is hidden and secret, deceitful and dishonest, divisive and abusive, immoral and sinful.  It's the darkness of our world, and the darkness in our hearts.

Then a light is struck.  It breaks into the darkness! Father Pat blesses the fire and prays that we all benefit from the Paschal celebrations.

The Light of Christ:

The Paschal candle was lit from the new fire.

Then the candle was processed into the community, and we receive its light and experience the power of that light as it grows.


As the candle was brought into the church, it was accompanied by the Easter Proclamation, giving thanks and praise over this symbol of the Light of Christ in the midst of the parish community and as Christ's presence. 


The Easter Bonnet at the 60’s Plus Club competition!

The ladies made good effort in making the bonnets, they all looked great. The judges were 2 staff members of Christ the king school  and the parish secretary.

Well done all.


Parish Palm Sunday Mass

The parish community gathered for the solemn beginning of Holy Week on Palm Sunday. The Holy Mass was preceded by the blessing of the palms and a procession into the church. This is the time of the first reading of the Passion of our Blessed Lord which also forms as an introduction the the Last Supper and the crucifixion.

The beginning of Holy Week also sees preparation for the commemoration of the Last Supper and then the Passion.


CTK Parish Family, including some of the children, gathered and filled our church to launch the season of LENT!

The Christ the King congregation filled the church  and if you look closely in front of the altar, a model of a desert scene to emphasise the gospel that tells us of the  time when Jesus went out into the desert – you can see Sister Vicky discussing this with the children.


Glorious celebration at Rite of Election at Portsmouth Cathedral

The 14th of February saw the Rite of Election at Portsmouth Cathedral where those to be received into the Catholic Church. Our Catechumen and four Candidates Jackie, Marino, Assunta, Peggy, and Reuben met Bishop Philip Egan along with others from our pastoral area.

The Rite of Election is a liturgical rite that takes place at the beginning of Lent which formally names those who will be baptised at the next Easter Vigil - Jackie, Marino, Assunta, Peggy, and Reuben.

p.s. If you know someone who be feeling a vocation to become a catholic, please contact Father Pat

Click here for many more wonderful pictures at the Cathedral

February 2013

Enrolment Mass for our Confirmation Group!

Some 24 confirmation candidates attended the Enrolment Mass at Christ The King, supported by a large congregation from the parish. The candidates signed their enrolment forms as the first step of their journey and exploration of their Faith. Most of us are baptised when we were babies and so had little choice in the matter. Confirmation is the time when our young people make a conscious decision to confirm their faith and membership of the Roman Catholic Church.

Over the coming weeks the candidates will undergo both the education they need and the discernment regarding the choice they face. This stage of the confirmation programme will culminate in making their commitment at the Commitment Mass on Sunday 19th May.

Please pray for our young confirmation candidates as they start on this important road.


Rob Cook

The busy programme for our CTK 60 Plus Club  had a special event on 12th February with Rob Cook entertaining members with Country and Irish music.

The music and food laid on provided an enjoyable combination for a February afternoon.

Christ the King School and the Hungry for Change Appeal

 A week or so ago, children from our school – Christ the King Catholic Primary School – with other children from English Martyrs School, Tilehurst, helped launch the CAFOD, “Hungry for Change” campaign!   The CAFOD theme of “Hungry for Change” was illustrated with loaves and fishes for the benefit of passers by. Cavan, Anthea  and Naill all took turns as the bread and fish.

In addition to the CAFOD Hungry for Change appeal, the school will be taking a  full part in Comic Relief (Red Nose Day) – red noses will be on sale at the school after half term!

For more about the wider CAFOD, “Hungry for Change” campaign click here

60’s Plus Club

Members of the 60's Plus Club enjoying tea and biscuits and a chat after bingo.


January 2013

Anne-Marie & Richard’s Nuptial Mass

On 29th September 2012, Father Pat celebrated the Nuptial Mass and wedding ceremony for Anne-Marie and Richard, now Mr. Mrs Kent. Many Family members and friends were present to witness and celebrate the happy occasion. We all join together to wish Richard and Anne-Marie a happy marriage and fulfilled life together!

Anne-Marie & Richard’s story & belief in the Sacrament of Marriage

“Christ the King parish has been a part of our family for nearly 50 years.

My grandparents were a part of the parish so my Father was baptised here and then took his Holy Communion and Confirmation here. Following in his foot steps I was baptised here and then took my Holy Communion and Confirmation here. I altar served within the church for 4 years and had the privelege of serving for many celebrations including Father Gerard's ordination. I went to Christ the King School and then on to Blessed Hugh Faringdon Catholic School.

After leaving Hugh Faringdon I started working at a local Law practice in the town centre. It was here I met my husband as he provided the computer support for the firm.

Romance blossomed and within a year we were engaged and living together - quite an achievement at 19. The wedding was postponed due to the exciting news of our first child being on the way. Soon was the birth of our son Joseph who has brought many a happy moments to our life.

Joseph has also been baptised in Christ the King and we are proud to now have 4 generations within the parish.

Myself and my husband have always had strong beliefs in marriage and union for life. It was not a decision we would take lightly and both had traditional principles concerning the wedding. We had been engaged for 4 years and knew we were going to spend the rest of our lives together. Marriage has always been a once in a lifetime occasion for us both. We believe that marriage helps seal the love you already have and you get to do this with God and your family showing the people you love the partner you have chosen for life. We knew we both felt the same so once family life had settled down we began planning for the big day.

The wedding took a year to plan and was one of the best day of our lives. We had a very traditional wedding within Christ the King and then the reception at Sherfield Oaks golf club.

Many of the parishioners helped us to organise the day and provided amazing talent for us on the day, whether it be flower arrangements, singing or the organ being played. These were all things myself and my husband felt were a traditional part of a catholic marriage and were very grateful for all the help received.

Father Pat was incredible throughout the 12 month process, guiding us and praying with us to help us stay on track. It is often very easy to get carried away with the material aspects of a wedding, but Father helped us to stay grounded and see that we were doing this because of our unique love for one another and  not just to wear a pretty outfit! He met with us frequently which I found to be a great help and he was very organised in getting everything sorted for us. Father Pat was very much a rock throughout the whole organising period.”

Christ The King parishioners Angela and George Camilleri celebrating 37 years of marriage

Angela and George were married in St Georges Church Qormi, Malta on the 28th of December 1975  and so are now celebrating  37 years  of marriage!

 Angela and George have 5 children 4 boys and 1 girl ranging from 33 down to twins a boy and girl who are 23.The 3 eldest are all married and now have 7 children between them - 7 Grandchildren for the happy Grandparents

Father  Delaney blessed Angela and George 's  marriage during the mass of the Holy family on the 29th of December 2012 in our church of Christ The King  

Let us all celebrate the sacrament of Marriage!


December 2012

Christ The King RC Primary School and 60'S Plus Club – Joint Christmas Party!

On Tuesday 18th December the Christ The King RC Primary School and the 60’s Plus Club jointly held a Christmas party for the community seniors. It went very well everyone had good time!

The children from the school decorated the tables in the hall and helped serving the food. After that the year 5/6 gave a little concert of which the seniors joined in. It was very well attended by 89 from the community in South Reading.

Danny would like to express his thanks to Mrs Jenny Clark and other staff from C.T.K. School for their hard work and the children who did a wonderful job! It was a truly enjoyable afternoon.


Christ the King Parish Children's Christmas Party

Christ the King Parish Children's Christmas Party took place on 8th December in the hall.

Father Christmas came and gave presents to the children, they had a party tea, played musical chairs and watched science activities which for them was magic. They also played pass the parcel and danced to the conga. Great fun was had by all.

Our thanks go to Marie Panter for organising the event and to all the volunteers who helped to make it such a great success. 

Click here to see photographs.


November 2012

Here you can see the good work of Danny Apap who has decorated the Statue of Christ The King for the 2102 Feast this weekend – well done Danny and thank you.

News from our School

The future of or parish is secure if some of the talented and hard-working youngsters in our parish school are anything to go by. 

Five year old Caiomhe Rose is already something of a star of Irish dancing having won cups and medals in many different “feis”.  Caiomhe, whose mother Ailish is also a member of our parish and runs the Anderson-O’Shea school of Irish dancing, has jigged, hopped and reeled all over England and often competes out of her age group. 

Three schoolfriends, Lewis and Billy Brophy, and Cavan Buckland travelled to Sheffield last weekend for the National Karate championships.  It was a tremendous achievement for all three boys to qualify for the championships and Billy, who is also a talented footballer and trains at Reading’s Academy, came home with a superb silver medal to demonstrate that he is the second best in the country in his age group.  Cavan is also multi-talented and recently took part in the English gymnastics championships, in Southampton.  He also achieved a stunning second place. 

We are very proud of the achievements of all our youngsters, and these four, Caoimhe, Cavan, Billy and Lewis, remind us that hard work brings rewards.

Blessed Pedro Calungsod

 We celebrate with our Philipino parishioners the cannonisation of Blessed Pedro Calungsod by Pope Benedict XVI at Saint Peter’s Basilica on October 21, 2012.

Blessed Pedro Calungsod (c. 1654 – April 2, 1672) was a young Roman Catholic Filipino sacristan and missionary catechist, who along with Spanish Jesuit missionary Blessed Diego Luis de San Vitores, suffered religious persecution and martyrdom on Guam for their missionary work in 1672. Calungsod was beatified on March 5, 2000 by Blessed Pope John Paul II. On February 18, 2012,  

Click here for more

October 2012

Molly Lendrum's Christening

A joyous welcome to Molly, one of the newest and certainly youngest member of our community baptised by Father Pat on Saturday 20 October 2012. The happy parents, Victoria and Andrew  were supported by Molly’s Godparents Paula, Paul and Sophie.

If you have been recently married or had your child baptised and would like to share your story and pictures in the Parish Diary, please click here.

Christ The King 60's Plus Club

Christ The King 60's Plus Club celebrated their 22nd Anniversary in the parish hall Saturday 6th October 2012. The celebration was very well attended and as always the event was superbly organised by Danny Apap and Father Pat participated wholeheartedly.

Click here for more about the 60s Plus Club


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