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A priest one time was talking about the demands of parish life. In particular, he mentioned how the door ministry could be very challenging. This seemed to happen when he was really busy with other parish issues. However, he eventually came to realise that the door ministry became one of the most rewarding time of his ministry. Despite the challenges, he came to the realisation that in most cases, the Lord came in disguise.

The fact that in Jesus, God became human and lived among us, meant he ran the risk of not being recognised for what he really was. We have no problem recognising Christ in church. But when we meet him out on the streets, where he is sometimes sunk in poverty and sorrow, we are reluctant to bid him the time of day.

But, Jesus said that his disciples would be judged precisely by their response to such people, the poor, the lowly, the unimportant. In the judgement scene, people are condemned, not for sins of commission but for sins of omission. We may think we are good simply because we don’t do any harm to anyone. But what about the good we fail to do? The sin of omission is one of the worst sins in the world.

From a Christian point of view, there is only one real failure in life – failure to love. Christ saw the love in the heart of prostitutes rather than many of the scribes and the Pharisees. Those powerful and amazing words continue to echo down the centuries from the Gospel of Luke “Sinners and prostitutes are making their way to the Kingdom of God before you.”

Fr. Pat Madden

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