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To-day’s Gospel about the labours in the vineyard who all get the same pay despite the fact that many of them worked longer hours than others in the vineyard would have trade unions in uproar. It seems totally unjust and we may even feel unacceptable but yet, Jesus was trying to make a point about the generosity of God’s love. Here is another story which may help us to understand the point that Jesus was making.

The Olympic final of the 3000 Metres was in progress. At the last lap, the favourite eased himself into the lead and won it comfortably. He got all the media attention, a standing ovation, company executives, cheque books in hand wanted to use his name to endorse their products. While all this was going on, the other runners who had competed in the race departed silently for the dressing room. No-one has the slightest interest in them especially the runner who had come last.

A V.I.P. had been invited to perform the prize-giving ceremony. The first three runners home were waiting, all smiles, to take their place on the victory podium. The first sign that something unusual was about to happen was when the V.I.P. said he wanted all the runners present at the ceremony. The runners were duly called and all was now set.

Then what did he do?? He called the man who came in last and gave the gold medal to him. He gave the silver medal to the man who had come second last and the bronze medal to the man who came third last. He then proceeded to shake hands with all the rest of the runners. Of course there were gasps of astonishment and especially anger from the winner of the race.

The V.I.P. calmly expressed why he had done this. He explained to the man who had won the race that he would always be financially wealthy with all lucrative contracts while the man who came last would get nothing. Was that really fair??

While many people might say that this story if it was true would be totally outrageous, is it any more outrageous that Jesus’ story about the workers in the vineyard? Yet, what Jesus is powerfully highlighting is the generosity of God, a generosity unlike anything we ever know.

In the parable of to-day’s Gospel, Jesus faces up to his critics and shows them what God is truly like. God is generous and full of compassion for the vulnerable, the fragile, the sinner and the outcast.


Fr. Patrick Madden

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